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Frank Lloyd Wright | Dreaming of Hollyhocks

Photo by  Stella de Smit

Summertime makes me dream of gardens filled with flowers; many moons ago, an architect/artist took his clients’ love of flowers to heart.

The Hollyhock House, designed by the incomparable Frank Lloyd Wright, is the first historic landmark located in Los Angeles that’s also a World Heritage site. The house sits on an expansive 36-acres in East Hollywood and overlooks a magnificent view of the art deco-styled Griffith Observatory and the iconic Hollywood sign. This beloved architectural masterpiece was built for Aline Barnsdall, originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1920s. The house is arranged around a central courtyard with dramatic temple style structures, reminiscent of the art of the Mayans.

The residence offers stunning views from a myriad of outdoor spaces including pergolas, porches, and rooftops terraces with scenic panoramic views. The hollyhock flower, a favorite of Barnsdall, is nestled around the perimeter of the building. Wright created a geometric abstract of the flower, and these motifs are seen in the concrete columns, pinnacles, and parapets. The abstract is also incorporated into the furnishings of the home.

The unique design features interesting details throughout the house which makes Hollyhock an architectural icon. According to Houzz, leaded glass is one of the many designs Wright used in the house. The leaded glass is a prominent design element that you will find throughout the Hollyhock home. Custom windows bring a distinct definition to the house and connects the modern indoors to the extensive outdoor living space. The glass stained windows and glass corners create a remarkable amount of natural light throughout the home. In 2015, the Hollyhock house went through a multi-million-dollar renovation and in 2019 the home was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List .