9 Benefits of Downsizing your Life

"Downsizing" does not always refer to just moving into a smaller residence. There are many other aspects of living that are important to take into consideration. According to an article on Compact Appliance, "Downsizing should include leading a more simple life in all facets, from scheduling to eating to acquiring. Once we focus on the totality of downsizing, the benefits increase exponentially."

Explore these nine benefits that those who have previously downsized are smiling about: 

  1. Decrease of Stress
  2. Better Financial Picture
  3. Uptick in Energy
  4. Increased Free Time
  5. Less Space
  6. New Sense of Community
  7. Greater Sense of Control
  8. Contributing to Good Environmental Stewardship
  9. A New Freedom

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Karen Keefe

A savvy Realtor who listens to her clients. Creating positive results are the driving forces that underscore Karen's nearly decade of real estate experience. A resident of Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County for 38 years where she raised her 3 children. . So no matter what property type or price point, she has always been dedicated to offering extraordinary service. Karen is a second generation real estate professional and has been a licensed residential broker since 2006 with roots deeply embedded in Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap for over 32 years.

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