Are you a Millennial Looking to Buy a Home? Here's a Few Pointers to Get you Started

It's the season of college graduation and many millennials are turning toward their futures, asking questions about careers and likely looking long-term goals that include purchasing a home. In "Dear College Grads: Start Saving for Your Dream House Now (and Other Unsolicited Advice for Your Future," Jamie Wiebe says people often make the process sound easy: "Make money, save money, have good credit. Ta-da, a house!" But she says, "not so much: Getting your finances in order for home ownership can be a challenge, even if your goal isn't a luxury mansion." Luckily, she provides some useful ways to prepare for a future home purchase.

1. Build a solid credit history by opening a credit card and paying your student loans on time because you'll want a score above 700.

2. Think about homeownership when you contemplate careers, considering factors such as income and locale.

3. Cut a significant chunk of your student loans to ease balancing student debt and a mortgage easier.

4. Establish a general idea of your goals for a home, which will help you work toward a financial plan to meet your needs. 

5. Save as much money as you can, not only for your down payment, but also for the additional 5% that closing costs, home inspections, and taxes may add to your home's purchase price. 

6. If you're thinking about investing, don't gamble -- utilize a financial adviser or a high-interest savings account, which provide less risk.

7. The income bump that a new job brings shouldn't mean an increase in your lifestyle spending. If you save your extra money, you'll be far better off in the future than if you attend that extra happy hour.

8. Finally, don't be afraid of beginning in a simple home or small apartment as a starter property, knowing that you can always upgrade in the future.


Karen Keefe

A savvy Realtor who listens to her clients. Creating positive results are the driving forces that underscore Karen's nearly decade of real estate experience. A resident of Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County for 38 years where she raised her 3 children. . So no matter what property type or price point, she has always been dedicated to offering extraordinary service. Karen is a second generation real estate professional and has been a licensed residential broker since 2006 with roots deeply embedded in Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap for over 32 years.

Karen is dedicated to partnering with her clients, listening to their unique needs and assisting them in navigating a dynamic marketplace with the goal of a smooth and successful transaction. Selling a home is more than sticking a sign in the ground and waiting for the phone to ring. Karen brings a team of professionals with a proven track record; from an award-winning marketing team and professional photography to a gardener and home stager. She has the proven history of making sure the job is done right the first time